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Make the most of the information on your website or app with Matomo Analytics and a well executed tracking strategy

Matomo Analytics Consultant

Matomo Analytics is a powerful, GDPR compliant, open source web analytics platform that can help you measure and track your online performance. Matomo makes the complex process of understanding and interpreting web analytics data easier to understand. As a Matomo Analytics consultant, I can help you understand the capabilities of this tool and take full advantage of it.

This expertise is based on a proven four-step approach.

1. Strategy: data collection, KPI definition, tagging plan, GDPR compliance.

2. Implementation: integration of Matomo on your media, creation of custom dimensions, implementation of the measurement plan.

3. Web analytics: iterative analysis of Matomo Analytics reports, attribution, tunnel and clickstream analysis, performance monitoring.

4. Conversion: CRO and ROI, A/B testing, E-Marketing mix, conversion tunnel and UX optimization.

Your Matomo Consultant in the UK and Ireland

  • Matomo/Piwik user since 2014
  • International Web Analytics and SEO consultant
  • Matomo Analytics Trainer
Jean-Marc Courtiade - Formateur Matomo Analytics

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