Matomo Consultant & Trainer


Jean-Marc has written or participated in the writing of several books related to his experience in SEO and Matomo Analytics, available in French and/or English.

(French Edition) Audit SEO - Toutes les clés pour optimiser votre site web​

Through this book, Jean-Marc exposes the methodology he has developed over the years in order to help as many people as possible to carry out SEO audits, from technical SEO audits to netlinking and competitive audits.

SEO Audit book by Jean-Marc Courtiade - French Edition

Log analytics with Matomo: Unleash one of the most powerful and unused features of Matomo and become an enlightened

This guide, co-authored with Ronan Chardonneau, helps marketers to exploit the often overlooked log analysis functionality in Matomo. Its goal: to gain in-depth insights into website and digital marketing performance. This book is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their use of Matomo, especially in SEO.

Matomo - The big book about web analytics: A Complete Guide to Matomo, the most popular Web Analytics Free software

Jean-Marc had the chance to be involved in the proofreading of this major book about Matomo and web analysis, which goal is to provide a complete training to Matomo analytics. It was initiated by Ronan Chardonneau with other authors (Frédéric Forster, Stefan König, Peter Makkes, Marcus Österberg and Diana Furber).

Matomo - The big Book about web analytics by Ronan Chardonneau